Happy First Birthday Elin!!!

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The name Elin means light, which is so incredibly fitting. Our little ray of sunshine turned 1 year old yesterday and instead of throwing her a huge party that she’ll never remember, we had a fun afternoon of family time, cake, presents, and swimming. I already knew she had a sweet tooth, so I really expected her to dive into this cake with a lot of vigor, but she was really very lady-like and hardly made a mess at all! So dainty! She did enjoy the cake and also the blow up whale pool we got her too. She loves to swim and spent the rest of the afternoon frolicking in the water. It was precious. She got to Skype with her grandparents, auntie and cousin who where throwing her a party in the USA with a bunch of our friends and their kids! They all sang Happy Birthday to her and she loved it! (Thanks to all of you who were involved, that was so adorable!) Eric and I always talk about how thankful we are to have this sweet little girl in our lives. It was very emotional to think back to the first few hours/days with Elin. Having her was such an enormous change in our lives and the three of us have certainly come a long way from a year ago! Happy Birthday to my angel, Elin Peridot. xxx

(I made the cake and cake topper. Recipe for cake here. Recipe for icing here!)

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1 Year Postpartum Update

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I thought I would do a final 1 Year Postpartum Update on myself. I haven’t been so diligent about keeping up with my fitness and postpartum updates this year, but it’s just as well because my fitness program has gotten pretty boring. It’s called “Renovating a Home.” Ever heard of it? But seriously, how am I doing? Awesome. Really, really awesome. I feel amazing! I am back to my pre-baby weight (give or take a few lbs) and am totally happy with how I am looking and feeling. I am still so amazed with the female body and how it is able to go from carrying a 9.2 lb baby (in my case) to what it is today. I always wanted to prove to myself that I could carry a child, give birth and be a great mother without losing a sense of myself. Mission accomplished. All I can say is, hard work always pays off and if you want something, you can absolutely have it! Happy Friday!

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  1. Loudell Robb says:

    Elin is so beautiful.I would like to know where you got the cake topper with her name. Enjoy precious Elin.
    Best Wishes

    1. Tessa says:

      Thank you! I actually made the cake topper, but found similar ones on Etsy if that helps!

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