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Even though this room was small, it had its fair share of challenges. We thought we would breeze through this room, but as usual, it took us longer than expected. Not only did we find a lot of issues with the floor that needed resolving (hello pink carpet!), but Eric’s travel picked up again and it feels like we have been hosting company non-stop the past couple of months! We finally finished the room 2 weekends ago and I have been able to work in the studio for about a week now. I love it! It definitely beats the makeshift workspace I had set up in the living room. This past weekend I spent a great deal of time going through all of my artwork and framing some of my favorite pieces to display. (Most of the artwork in the room is mine, but there are also a couple photographs I have acquired from close friends as well as some souvenirs from Eric’s adventures.) I also made an Ikea run last Friday and bought some storage items, a work lamp, clock, etc. to spice up the wall a bit. I love that not only is this room useful to me, but it will double as our 2nd guest room. The chair sitting in the corner by the door pulls out into a twin bed and is perfect for when we have extra house guests. (I am working on sewing a cover for the chair with that amazing printed fabric currently draped over it.) Other than that, there is not much else that I will do to the room aside from finding the perfect rug and maybe putting up some more artwork. There is a lot going on in the room, so I won’t go into major deets. If you want to know more about something specific, just ask in the comments and I will be happy to answer!

Click here to see full Before + Inspiration post I did for the Studio/Office! RIP shoddy wardrobe!










  1. Debbie says:

    Looks like a pretty comfy place to work. I especially like the rough sawn shelves!

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