Bathroom {Before & After}

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After contemplating rug and mirror options and finally making some decisions, we have a completed bathroom! I still want to do a few things in here like new towels and robes, more towel hanging options, and a bath tray, but we have pretty much moved on and are working on different parts of the house now. I figured it was time for the Before & After! The most difficult thing about this room has been working with and designing around that tile. Once we opened up the window and tore out the metal shutters, light was able to flood into the bathroom making the tile about 10x brighter. It’s so bold and shiny and there is so much of it that one wrong lighting fixture and the whole room could go tacky, dated or cheap looking. I agonized over the light fixtures, you have no idea. WHAT do you put on mirrored, bronze tile?! Everything clashed. Dejected, I started searching online for something…anything! I found these industrial, but feminine, floral inspired lights and fell in love. They are a beautiful rustic brown metal that perfectly match the tile. Hallelujah! The mirror frame is a champagne color that matches the curtains and brings a bit of glam into the room. The rug was one of Eric’s finds! I love the blue and rose colors and the natural shades of brown complement the chair, curtains and laundry hamper so well. It also fit a very specific size I needed it to. It was most shocking to see the new sink installed for the first time! It’s so new and shiny! The storage underneath is more than enough for all 3 of us and we were able to ditch that little white cabinet that I hated so much. One of my favorite additions to the room is the Ikea chair by the bathtub. It’s incredibly useful when giving Elin baths at night and the bit of storage underneath holds all of her bath time toys, towels, washcloths and soap. It’s also great for hanging extra towels on when we have guests staying with us! Even though we didn’t make drastic changes to this room, the little ones have made all the difference and I love this bathroom now! I can’t believe how far it’s come from what we first saw!

If you are interested in seeing this beauty before the makeover, click here!










  1. Kyla says:

    Wow, y’all did a great job! It is a very nice bathroom and you did great with that tile. 🙂 I really like the light fixtures. 🙂

  2. Jeannie says:

    So glad you decided to keep that amazing tile! Love the changes you made to compliment it!

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