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{Warning! Super long, chatty post, but a lot of updates and info! Thanks for reading as always!}

I think it’s safe to say that this particular room has been my favorite to work on in the house so far. That’s kind of saying something because I ADORE our master bedroom! This room, however, was just extra special because first of all, it’s for my babies! I love creating anything for them and this room was no exception. There were also a lot of spacial issues that I spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out. It doesn’t look all that complex, but it took a bit of designing and planning to get all of that furniture to fit nice and look comfortable in the room, which happens to be quite small. I ended up leaving the room quite bare and minimal because I know that as the girls grow, they will only accumulate more things for the room. That way, if we need to add bookshelves or nightstands in the future, we can. For now, the standing wardrobe holds both girls’ clothes, shoes and other random room essentials like a space heater, extra sheets and blankets. Most of the toys and books are stored at the bottom of the changing table in the baskets and the rest are stored in a basket in my studio for entertaining Elin when I am working. There is also a small basket of toys and books in the living room that Elin has to pick up before naptime and bedtime every day. I hate having toys visibly strewn all over the house, so having a home for each one and a pick-up routine really keeps things looking fresh.

Elin is not yet sleeping in her toddler bed, as we are trying to get through potty training first. You guys, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!!! Who knew potty training would be such a trial of patience? I think we have a few more weeks of solid consistency ahead of us yet before I declare her potty trained (daytime). Fortunately, we have made a lot of great progress these past 2 weeks. After potty training is well-established we will start having her take her afternoon naps in her new bed and then add nights as she gets comfortable with the idea. We still have a bit of time to transition her out of the crib because the new baby will be up in our room (in the Sleepyhead – shown in crib) for a couple of months or until her sleep schedule is consistent and she is no longer waking at night. It took Elin 3 months to do her nights, every single night, and I plan on sleep training the new baby exactly the same way I did with Elin with hopefully similar results. I am not too worried about it, but I am definitely looking forward to the time when all these new changes are the norm for Elin. It’s incredible the amount of change that kids go through during the 18mo-2yr time of life! Some days I struggle to keep up!

Moving on to the details of the room. I know I had talked about refinishing an old antique bed for Elin that we found in the house, but as we discovered, the sizing was so ancient that finding a modern day mattress to fit it was nearly impossible. We ended up scrapping that idea and just buying her a expandable toddler bed from Ikea. The antique bed frame will still be refinished, but instead of making it into a bed, we will turn it into an outdoor bench for the balcony outside the girls’ room. I think it will look lovely out there all decked out with bright outdoor pillows and I think it would be a nice place to sit and read books with the girls. The rest of the furniture is Ikea, of course. The quilts I bought for the girls are from Land of Nod. I love that I found a second quilt for baby girl #2 that has similar coloring to Elin’s underwater-themed version. They compliment eachother well. The rug was a find from a Turkish rug shop in Vienna when I was pregnant with Elin. I always envisioned it in her room, but I failed to size it correctly at the time and it wouldn’t fit into her nursery at the old flat. We have been using it in the living room up until now, but after a good clean and shampoo, it’s finally where I always imagined it to be! Both girls have their personalized floral prints hanging above their beds, which I am in love with. Elin also has a fun black and white print that I recreated from a version I saw on Pinterest and also a cute zebra art print that was a baby gift to her from my cousin and his wife. Baby #2 has her print (name concealed) along with an incredibly precious work of art my grandmother made and gifted to me (the larger paper heart artwork.) Above the floral print is another smaller paper heart artwork done by a famous textile artist that my grandmother gifted to me along with her piece. Those two pieces of art will be treasured forever and handed down in our family. That is about it for the room decor, but let me know if you are curious about something I didn’t mention and I will be happy to share.

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  1. Kyla says:

    I really like it!!! It is a good idea to keep it simple because kids seem to collect so much stuff. I like the color scheme too, very pretty but not too pink ha ha. Happy Friday to you!!!! Good luck with all those changes, they go through so many even after 2 but yes, it is amazing what goes on in the first 2 years. 🙂

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