Kitchen Renovation {In Progress} + Wall Removal Complete!

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The wall is out! Check out that open floor plan and bright kitchen space! My plan is slowly starting to come together, you guys. I don’t normally post back-to-back house updates, but this particular renovation is really consuming our lives at the moment. It’s also going incredibly fast, which I am loooooving. The work and completion time-lines are much shorter when a professional is handling the renovating rather than a couple of amateurs. It’s temping not to just ask the construction company to finish renovating the entire house at this point because it feels like we are getting really close to completion and they are really, really good! However, a job of that scale would need to be compensated with a small fortune, one that we simply don’t have, so we will resume the remaining work ourselves when they are finished with their specific tasks. We predict that the interior of the house will be completely renovated by the end of this year, 6 months ahead of our initial renovation schedule. Not bad for a couple of amateurs.

Of course, there are always unexpected issues that come up when you take on large reno projects, and we didn’t escape additional costs and extra needed work. For example, we thought we had enough extra matching tile sitting around to patch the cracks and other blemishes in the floor, but it turns out we didn’t. What we had wasn’t even an exact match to the existing tile and would look terrible if we tried to patchwork it in. If we are going to spend the time and money re-doing this space, we cannot skimp and do some parts cheap and some parts nice, so a re-tile it is! Eric was less than thrilled because re-tiling ain’t cheap, but I was secretly delighted because I have always disliked this particular tile. My only struggle now is finding a tile that is going to match all the different materials (floors, paint color, cabinets, etc) that we have planned for the kitchen and living room. I hate that this decision has been placed solely on me, but Eric is partially colorblind and creating complimentary color combos isn’t exactly his strong suit. Today we are heading to some different tile shops in Vienna and I will bring all the material examples of our kitchen and living room so I can get some help with this major decision.

So, to review, the additional work we are having our contractor take on are as follows: 1. Completely gutting and disposing of the current kitchen and prepping the space for a new one. 2. Re-tiling the kitchen and entryway. 3. Fixing some spackle issues we uncovered this week in the stairway and re-painting (you can kind of see that work underway in the photo below). 4. Tiling the backsplash in the kitchen once Ikea has finished installing it.

All of this work is time-lined to be done in a month or so and I find that little fact to be incredibly attractive. However, we are taking on a lot of additional costs that we didn’t foresee, so I think a vacation is out this year…as well as Christmas…possibly birthdays. Haha, I wish I was joking.







  1. Kyla says:

    Yay it is looking very nice!!! I agree that professional help does things so much faster but it is awesome to do it yourself too. It is a really nice accomplishment. Our DIY project is coming right along but at times it seems to take forever! Can’t wait to see it all done! 🙂

  2. Debbie says:

    How exciting! Love the progress reports. Can’t wait to see the new cabinets, countertop and tile.

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