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Our littlest member joined the fam as scheduled on Tuesday morning, June 7th at 7:46 am. Her name is Juni Pearl and she couldn’t be any more perfect.

The cesarean was routine and an experience in itself. I have never had major surgery, so the experience was all new to me. Rolling into the OR and seeing about 20 people prepping for the thing was quite shocking. I will be eternally indebted to the nurse who stayed by my side the entire time and kept the drugs coming, especially when I was 2 seconds away from hurling off the side of the operating table. Those meds on an empty stomach really hit you hard at 7:30 in the morning. It was fun to watch my doctor in his element, calm and reassuring me the entire time. I would put my life in that man’s hands… well, I guess I did already! He pulled Juni out in a matter of minutes and I was, of course, overcome with emotion which consequently and unfortunately fogged up my glasses. She was perfect, head to toe!

We named her Juni Pearl for a number of reasons. Names have to mean something for me, they can’t just be pretty or unique – though those do play an important role. Juni obviously is a variation of June, the month in which she was born. Juni is the German word for June and pays homage to her birthplace, Vienna, Austria. Juni is also the Norwegian word for June, and if you know me, I am always looking for a way to tie my Scandinavian roots into my children’s names! My grandfather’s sister’s name was June and they affectionately called her Juni. I also knew and respected a wonderful lady named June. If Juni ends up half the woman this June was, I will be one proud mom. Pearl is one of the birthstones of June and also was the name of my great grandmother on my father’s side. When we named Elin, we chose Peridot, birthstone of August, (more here!) for her middle name, so the coincidence that Juni’s birthstone was Pearl was just too good to pass up. I never imagined I would use birthstones for my children’s middle names, but I love how they really fit each girl specifically. Finally, I wanted the name we chose for our second child to flow with Elin’s own unique name and it does. Elin & Juni… could be a brand or something. Austrians are going to have a tough time with the name Juni, they already do, but I could really care less. They still pronounce Elin “Ay-Leen” and Howell “Hoe-Vell”, so this will be no new struggle for us. They don’t name children after months here, unlike our American affinity for names like April, May and June. Also, the word Juni is pronounced “Yuni” in German, so that poses a few issues in itself. Again, I don’t care, but I have a feeling I will be correcting and educating along the way.

Our first week with Juni has been a blast! After Elin’s birth, I was so worried about doing everything “right” that I took many of the little things for granted. Things like the little hand-grasps, sighs, and other special moments that newborns bring into your life. Being a mom for a second time is a blessing in that I can enjoy these little things for a second time and to the fullest extent possible. Everything is so much easier with the second child! Also, for some reason, breastfeeding has been a breeze this time around making life that much more pleasant.

I would love to get into the details of my hospital experience and stay (sharing a room with 2 other women and their newborns!!!) but this post is far too long already, so I will save that for a different time. Enjoy the photos of our precious little Juni. I am going to get back to resting and relaxing with my sweet little fam. xoxo T


{Juni Pearl – One Week Old}


  1. Kyla says:

    Aw yay, a post about the new bebe. She is precious and her name is very pretty and unique. I do like the way they sound together. Isn’t it interesting how different languages say letters differently? I’m sure it has been an interesting experience. I’m so glad it has been going good for you!!! Enjoy! 🙂

    1. Tessa says:

      Thanks so much, Kyla!

  2. Kristen says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby!

    1. Tessa says:

      Thank you!!! We are so in love!

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