1 Month Postpartum Update

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This turned out to be a rather lengthy post, but first things first. Cesareans are my jam. Forget that spontaneous vag delivery nonsense. This labor/delivery/postpartum experience with Juni has been 10x better than my first with Elin. Just thinking about that first experience makes me hyperventilate. A couple months ago, I was reliving the experience with Eric and I had to stop and put my head between my knees because I was this close to passing out.

Sure, the first couple days are rough post-op. It’s hard to get around, hold and breastfeed your baby properly, but once you can get moving the healing really takes off. I received some great cesarean postpartum advice from a friend right before surgery and it helped motivate me to get up and around as soon as possible. Because of that, I was able to leave the hospital on day 4 (instead of day 5) and be home before the weekend. I mostly wanted to get home to be with Eric and Elin, but another great motivator was the hospital room arrangements themselves. I know I mentioned before that because of my current health insurance situation in Austria, I would be sharing a room with 3 other women and their newborns. Well…that was the reality! Unfortunately, it’s kind of as awful as it sounds. Again, no curtains, no privacy. Babies screaming all hours of the night. I basically never slept more than 30 mins straight at night and after day 2 I was itching to get out of there. I have to say though, I had a good group of women in my room and their families were respectful and quiet when visiting. Everyone kept to themselves and in that sense, it was peaceful. No chatty Cathys trying to talk your ear off here.


So far, healing is going well and I am currently working on losing some of the baby weight I gained. It hasn’t been easy without a kitchen. We have been eating out/ordering in a lot and the vegetables have seemed few and far between. I started noticing a plateau in my weight loss and terrible breakouts on my face and decided I couldn’t wait around for our new kitchen to start eating healthy. Now that I am back to eating real food, my face has cleared up and the weight is falling off. I also dusted off my favorite food journal app (MyFitnessPal) and it’s helping me get back on track. What it has really shown me is how large my portions had become while pregnant. I talked about that a little in my Postpartum Diet & Exercise Plan a while back, but it was still shocking to see again. Additionally, Eric and I have a 7-day juice fast booked for sometime in October and I am unreasonably excited about what’s certain to be a challenging week.


My 6 week check-up with my fav doctor is next week and I am excited because it means I will be cleared to work out again! Eric and I are both excited to go hiking and I want to get the girls out for afternoon walks in the village vineyards and to the neighborhood playground for Elin. Most of all, I want to start practicing yoga again. There are surprisingly several different yoga/pilates/barre studios in our little village and they all look awesome! I can’t wait to sneak away on a Saturday morning for a class while Eric plays single mom.


The one thing I don’t have a lot of control over is the elasticity of the skin on my stomach. It’s currently a bowl-full-of-jelly situation. Naturally, it’s much softer after this second pregnancy and I know it is something only time can heal. Because I am already out of my waist trainers (my highest postpartum recommendation!), I am utilizing shapewear and compression leggings a lot. Shapewear feels really nice on my body and keeps everything looking smooth underneath clothing. I am really interested in different collagen and gelatin supplements/powders and it’s something I am going to try out for a while to see if there is a significant difference in my skin quality and overall health. I have this particular product being shipped to me from the states as we speak and I will give it a go and let you know how it works for me. Additionally, I want to try and cook up some bone broth and maybe do a weekend bone broth fast at some point too!

As you can see, I am on a major wellness kick right now and I will continue to document my diet/fitness/wellness/postpartum journey, so stay tuned for the occasional update! Have a fab weekend!


  1. Kyla says:

    Well this is an encouraging post. 🙂 I used to make my own bone broth. If you can get the bones, it is really easy. The bones you need are knuckle bones or soup bones. Those are the ones that have the gelatin in them. I have done crock pot bone broth but it takes a long time and you can get tired of smelling it. But when I made that kind, it was like jello when it cooled. One advice that I got was to drain the water and put fresh water in after the water turns red but before it simmers a bunch. It helps it taste better, more purer. I also haven’t tried it but you can also get grass-fed gelatin (I think Great lakes is a good brand) and use it in your cooking. Bone broth is good and makes things taste richer for sure. And process food never gets anyone anywhere but I’m glad you get signs when your body doesn’t like what you eat. I do too and I feel bad for the ones that don’t or at least ignore it. Congrats on postpartum being easier this time. 🙂

    1. Tessa says:

      Thanks for the bone broth tips! I am all about that gelatin right now 🙂

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