Kitchen Renovation {In Progress | Part II} + Retile Complete

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It has been a while since I updated you all on the kitchen renovation and that’s because we have been living in this exact state for about a month now. (Anxiety, anyone?) Ikea took longer than expected to make and ship our kitchen, so work has been at a complete standstill. No, it’s really been fine (meanwhile pulling hair out) and our makeshift kitchen and mini fridge have served us well upstairs. Like I said in an earlier post, it’s been a cereal and sandwich sitch for some time now. I don’t want to see a sandwich for about a year. Also, peanut butter. Just get out of my life, pb…I’m so over you.

The kitchen is arriving today and I am standing here looking around like, where’s it gonna go tho? It won’t be installed until Tuesday/Wednesday and we have so many boxes taking up space in the living room at the moment. Not only is all the kitchen and living room stuff boxed up, so is most of our storage/heating room stuff. There is going to be a MAJOR purge session this week, which involves me taking a good hard look at every single thing in that living room and either keeping, donating or chucking. I can’t wait. I get giddy about purging junk from my life. Eric actually really dislikes that about me. I am the woman in this relationship and I have the smaller wardrobe. (Except shoes…How do men get by with so few?!?!) For me, if an item doesn’t serve a purpose anymore…It’s gone. Ciao.

So enjoy the photos (or shield your eyes). This has been my life, you guys. Welcome to the madness!

PS. How about that beautiful tile? Did I do a good job or did I do a good job?! I didn’t like anything I was finding in the stores, so when I found this one online I fell madly in love with it. After purchasing it sight unseen, I worried that this very expensive tile would show up to my front door and I would absolutely hate it in person. Lucky for me the online photo was true in color and quality and the actual tile is better than I even imagined! #win

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  1. Kyla says:

    I understand all the clutter and feeling the chaos. I will be so glad when we move so that I can put my things away. You have accomplished a lot. Do you have plans for the living room? I think that is the first time I’ve seen the living room. I love seeing the different angles of the house. I do really like the tile. I bet pictures don’t do it justice. It will be so nice to have your kitchen back and the end is in sight!!!! Hang in there! Do you have a first meal planned out? 🙂 When you get the house all done, you’ll have to do a video walk through like the first one you did. It will be neat to compare them.

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