Novi Sad, Serbia + Road Trip

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We’re back! I planned on posting yesterday, but our 6 hour drive turned into 8 hours, what with border checks, tolls, etc. Of course, out of all 5 countries we drove through, Austria’s border was the worst. The most developed country of them all, yet the most inefficient. Welcome to Austria! It’s funny because even in these lesser developed countries where I am using a squat toilet at the gas station, I can find Doritos of all things (not available in Austria) and there is usually English along with the native language on signs, products, etc. In Austria, it’s Deutsch or nothing. Austria is just so strange.

Anyways, the drive to Greece was 16 hours give or take, and we took 2 days to make the trip. I am glad we made that decision because at the end of each day both girls had had enough. We rented a home at our “halfway” point in Novi Sad, Serbia on Airbnb for 26 euros a night. (Score!) It was huge and perfect for our needs both to and from Greece. The landlord was awesome and his two kids enjoyed getting to know Elin. They weren’t so hot about her playing with all of their toys though! haha

We didn’t spend a great deal of time exploring Novi Sad because we basically would get in after a long day of driving, get the girls fed and to bed, and be up and out early the next morning. However, on the way home we decided to stay an extra night in Novi Sad to relax and at least get out and have dinner somewhere. Our landlord suggested a place called Piknik and I was obsessed the moment we walked in! It was a darling little place on the Danube River with outdoor seating, a large playground for kids, and even a little petting zoo with a pony, donkey and goat. Amaze. It was so kid-friendly which was obviously great for us, but I would go even if I didn’t have kids for the live music, local food and chill ambiance. (We ate sitting in an old boat!!!) Sometimes in Austria if feels like you shouldn’t bring your children out to dinner because people will literally get annoyed and stare if your child even talks a little bit too loud. This results in Elin having excellent table manners and the ability to sit and be patient during long European-style meals, but it’s still a little ridiculous. Just relax, Austrians. I loved how families were so welcome here and nobody cared about kids running around and having fun. It was a nice departure from our usual dining experience. (Kind of hating on Austria today. #sorrynotsorry)

It is good to be home again and back into the daily swing of life. I can’t wait to share photos from our adventures in Greece this coming Friday. It was paradise!

















  1. Kyla says:

    This place sounds like so much fun. I like kid friendly places because well kids need to be kids and sometimes adults do too. hee hee 🙂

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