Chalkidiki, Greece

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Happy Friday! Greece, as you can see, is paradise. This was my 3rd time in Greece and I fall more in love with this country every time I visit. Our Greek friends were amazing hosts and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in their darling home. We had originally planned on splitting our time in both Chalkidiki and Ioannina, but decided to just relax for the entire week and beach hop in Chalkidiki instead. Awesome decision. We woke up late, had relaxing breakfasts (cheese pie and coffee!) underneath a covering of grapevines, chilled at the beach until the afternoon, grilled or went out for lunch, took 2 hour naps until 6 or 7 and then either went out or stayed at the house for a late (aka midnight) dinner. The girls had a hard time adjusting to the Greek schedule, so we tried our best to keep them on their normal routine!

The beaches are incredibly beautiful in this part of Greece and we only visited one beach twice. It was my favorite of the entire week (Isla Beach Bar), and I just had to go back one more time before we left! Glad we did because on that particular morning we got to the beach earlier than usual only to find it completely empty. The water was also very calm, like glass. It was heaven. I immediately ordered an iced Greek coffee (fav) and kicked back to enjoy the calm of the morning before the Inevitable rush of beach goers.

Elin and Juni (mostly Elin), also enjoyed the beach. It was their first time to go and even though Elin started out terrified of going in the water, by the end of the trip she was letting me carry her out into the deep. Swimming lessons will be a must this winter so she will be more comfortable next summer! Juni basically slept between our chaise lounges in her carseat the whole time, waking only to eat or to be changed. Such an angel.

I wish I had taken more photos of the amazing food we ate, in fact, I wish I had taken more photos in general. I was shocked when I loaded up my camera card and only 350-something photos popped up! Whaaa?! Granted, I took a lot of photos on my phone and broke out the DSLR only for the extra special moments. I was really focused on relaxing, and in that sense I am glad I took it easy on the documentation. Living in the moment is so much better and creates the best memories. Glad I could at least capture a taste of our adventure and I hope you enjoy the photos below! Have a great weekend!





















  1. Kyla says:

    I can’t get over how the water looks so blue. It certainly is a beautiful place. Swimming lessons would be great. Juni needs them too when she is just a little bit older. They say they have no fear of water until they get older so the earlier you get them used to the water, the easier it is. Mitchell is okay with the water but he hates it on his face and he is very sensitive to temperature change. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! Have a great weekend!!!!! 🙂

  2. caraline says:

    You are in Chalkidiki and your not drinking Porto Carras wines? Shame on you. We must get your over there on a wine trip with us.

    1. Tessa says:

      LOL! Ok wine expert! I suppose I should have consulted you before going 😉 How about next summer? (BTW Eric says we brought a Porto Carras home with us..I had no idea what we even had haha!)

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