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Our little blue-eyed babe, Juni Pearl, turned 3 months this past Wednesday. She has totally hit the 3-month sweet spot of babyhood and we are all loving it. Juni has been sleeping solid through the night for about 2 weeks now. She usually sleeps from 10 pm to 7 am and in the months to come we will work on stretching that out to a 12-hour night. Since she is doing so well, I am about ready to move her into the bedroom with Elin! Big steps for our little one!

Since her 2nd/3rd week of life, I have had Juni on a 3-hour milk/play/nap schedule throughout the day. A few weeks ago, I started to worry about moving her to the 4-hour schedule at 3 months because she just didn’t seem ready at the time. Surprisingly, all of a sudden she started drinking more milk during each meal and just fell into the 4-hour schedule all on her own! I never even had to urge her. Incredible! If you are interested, this article describes almost exactly how I set Elin and Juni’s schedules and how I taught both to sleep through the night. (Elin at 3 months and Juni at 2 1/2.) It’s made life really pleasant around here! I don’t understand the resistance to teaching a baby how to sleep and the schedules that help encourage sleeping. Babies are helpless little things that don’t know how to do much when they are born (except melt your heart)! Many even struggle with breastfeeding, something that is so instinctive! How on earth could they have sleeping figured out? For me it’s simple…I’d like to sleep at night! More importantly though, I want my babies to be well-rested because those babies are certainly the happiest.

The 3-month mark is special because not only do you start to get your sleep and alone time back as parents, but it’s also a turning point for your little one. At 3 months, babies suddenly wake up from being sleepy little newborns and they start engaging with the entire family. Elin and Juni are already starting to entertain one another, which I love. The smiles (her dimples kill me!), giggles and cooing really take off during this time. It’s a reward for the many 3 am feedings and hundreds of diapers you have seen come and go.

Juni is a very calm and content baby, just like Elin was. That being said, both girls had colic (Elin’s was way worse!), but the gas drops our pediatrician prescribed Juni quickly made the problem disappear. I wish we had know about those drops with Elin, it might have made all the difference with her colic! Sometimes it still flares up for Juni and all it takes are a few drops and to be placed on her stomach and it’s instantly resolved! Most of the crying in this house is caused by our little toddler throwing tantrums, not our baby!

Have a great Friday and weekend! I am excited to have Eric home tomorrow from a week-long business trip. I have to say, after this busy week playing single mom to both these girls, I am looking forward to an extra set of hands around here!





  1. Kyla says:

    She is just too sweet. I have ordered the book Bringing up Bebe and I am excited to read it. Perhaps I will check out the other article as well. Get some good rest over the weekend! 🙂

    1. Tessa says:

      Thank you! I hope you like the book, I loved it.

  2. Jeannie says:

    She’s just so precious, Tessa!

    1. Tessa says:

      Thank you! We love her to death!

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