Wiener Wiesn Fest + Dirndl Fashion

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The Wiener Wiesn Fest in Vienna is a smaller (worse) version of the real Oktoberfest in Munich. Non-Austrians get a kick out of the outfits and the liters of beer and the food and the music and the whole scene. Unfortunately, this isn’t MY scene. I would much prefer an evening snuggling with my babies and sipping a hot cup of green tea while skimming through a good cookbook, just FYI.

Our friends visiting from America really wanted to check the whole thing out, so I decided to make the most of it and went out to buy a new dirndl for the occasion. The first dirndl I ever bought was 4 years ago and today I would describe it as childlike, costumey, and cheap. You can see a photo of it in this post from our trip. It was high time for something more age appropriate and chic, so I went out and found a gorgeous victorian/punk-inspired dirndl that I LOVE and will actually wear for several years to come. It was pricey, but thankfully the store was having a huge sale, so I was able to buy it for 50% off! Phew!!! I also went to the fest armed with my camera, a big appetite and an eye for all the fun fashions I was about to see. Some of the women are so chic and classy in their dirndls (very inspiring!), while others (mostly the tourists, I suspect) look kind of cheap and a little over-the-top. Yikes. It is fun to look at how different girls style their dirndl, even though the majority stick to classic dark pumps and a sling side bag. I paired mine with a black backpack and buckle flats for tougher look. (See below.) It was a hit.

The music was terrible, but I found myself singing along to some of the traditional Austrian songs which have somehow infiltrated my brain over the past 4 years. The food was amazing, I always love the Austrian festival food!!! (Such a cheap date.) I had sausage, cheese spätzle and a monster pretzel with mustard. Sooo delish. The crowd was actually pretty calm, which was nice, and I think our company enjoyed the time. I didn’t end up with very many quality photographs, so there isn’t a ton to show you, but I hope you can get a feel of the evening anyways. Have a great week!

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  1. Kyla says:

    It seems like it would be a lot of fun but overwhelming at times. I would be there for the food too! ha ha 🙂

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