2nd Floor Entry & Hallway Renovation {Before + After}

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6 months later…lol. This space has actually been nearly completed for some time now, it just took some time to finish up the decor and details. In fact, if I am being completely honest, we still have work to do here! There are some spots that need touching up with paint, we have yet to re-paint the doors of the “linen closet” by the bathroom, and the family photo wall isn’t done! The photo wall will be the large blank wall in between the guest room and studio. I have already purchased the big, square black frames, but I still need to choose the photos and print. (Going for an entirely black and white look.) I guess we kind of got distracted with the kitchen (still ongoing) and the storage room, which was also a complete overhaul (just not very interesting or pretty for blog purposes). We haven’t done much renovating the past month and have enjoyed a break from the work, but it’s time to get back at it. After Ikea finishes up the few mistakes they made with the kitchen, we only have the living room and dining area left to renovate in the ENTIRE house! We are totally beating our 2-year renovation schedule by 6 months and I am now pushing to get everything done by Christmas. This year we are staying in Austria for the holidays and I would love to have a cozy home without light bulbs and electrical wires hanging out of the ceilings.

Next spring is about the time we will start thinking about the outside of the home, which desperately needs some beautifying. Re-stucco, re-paint, add window boxes and trim, clean up the grounds and plant flowers, purchase some outdoor furniture and create seating and dining areas, perhaps a fire pit? Eric has been talking about buying a hot tub for the private back patio and I am thinking we could also add some outdoor string lights or lanterns and some all-season greenery. It would be a heavenly sanctuary for the endless, winter months.

So I am getting side tracked here! Back to the entryway! I love this space for a landing area and extra storage for shoes, coats and other winter essentials like hats, mittens and scarves. These bulky things don’t fit easily into our tight European wardrobes, so this is the perfect place for these extra seasonal items. We (Elin especially) love the full-length mirror and open feeling of the space. I love that this area isn’t crammed with storage boxes and that the hideous textured wallpaper is gone! So on the the decor deets: It’s pretty easy…everything is Ikea aside from the artwork and clothing (obvi).

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  1. Kyla says:

    Oh it looks so inviting! I like the shoe storage cabinet. I certainly hope that you have a complete house this year for the holidays. I can say that I will be in my house for the holidays but it certainly won’t be complete but I am just glad to be in there. I think we will be able to move sometime this month. It is exciting! 🙂 Have a great week!

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