Two Day Dregs

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A little drawing for you today. I am not particularly pleased with this (can’t draw a circle it seems), but it was a nice distraction and a different kind of inspiration. Last week, I was going through something a little bit rough and consequently didn’t get much sleep. (Now paying for the lack of sleep with a massive head cold!) Anyways, I had left this espresso cup on my desk and didn’t get around to taking it down to the kitchen for a couple of days. I loved the impressions made by the old coffee grounds and the rings of stained coffee from evaporated water. It felt like how my week was going. Anyways, it’s nice to get back into pencil again and work on some technical stuff. I’m struggling a bit with graphite shine (and circles apparently)!!!

Anyways, I am about off with the girlies to pick up Eric at the airport from another long week away on business and was just stopping in to wish you a very happy weekend! I have a Pilates date with a friend tomorrow morning (first actual workout since Juni was born…I am going to die, I am so out of shape.) Later this weekend, we plan on carving up our pumpkins for Halloween, roasting some seeds and baking some pumpkin bread! I have an amazing new recipe that isn’t full of oil, white sugar or white flour and I can’t wait to share it next week! xoxo T


  1. Kyla says:

    No matter what you see, I see a wonderful piece of artwork. Hope your head cold gets better. 🙂

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