Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! We totally relaxed and just stayed in our sweats eating our way through the day in perfect Thanksgiving style. Because we already had our turkey dinner last weekend with Eric’s mom, we decided to forgo having more turkey and dressing and instead ate loads of seafood. I hunted down some fresh oysters at a local fish & fine foods shop and also gathered other fun items at the grocery store to accompany them. We had shrimp, smoked salmon, rosemary crackers, assorted olives and cheese filled peppers plus a cheese plate. We also had an octopus/squid seafood salad and caviar for Eric and Elin. They both love it, but I’m just not that fancy. It was way too much food and on top of it all, I made a buttermilk pie which we had with ice cream. It was a totally unconventional Thanksgiving dinner, but just as delicious and festive. Have a great Friday and weekend! xoxo T



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  1. Mama Dawn says:

    Leave it to you guys to make a sweats day fabulous!! Looks so yummy and glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!! xo mom

  2. Kyla says:

    How fun! That is so cool that Elin likes seafood!

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