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Happy Holidays fine readers! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas weekend! This year we decided to stay in Vienna for the holidays instead of hopping on an plane or getting in a car. It was a good decision. We spent Friday night (Christmas Eve Eve) hosting a holiday party of sorts for some friends, old and new. It was great to FINALLY have people over to our home and have it be in a presentable state! We hosted the party in the late evening, so we could put the girls to bed and have some uninterrupted adult time. It was fantastic! We will definitely do similar socials like that again. We didn’t even have to hire our babysitter.

Christmas was especially fun this year because Elin is at the age where she understands the holiday to some extent. I bought her an advent calendar this year and filled it with little sweets to open every day leading up to Christmas. It was fun for both of us! Elin also knows how to tear into a present now, something she was still struggling with last Christmas. She opened all of her and Juni’s gifts, no problem. Her favorite gift was a purple and pink bike that she can push along herself. We took it for a spin this morning down in town (Snapchat) and she did well! I am teaching her how to stop at lights and that green means go, etc. Slightly stressful to have her so mobile now especially along busy streets, but it makes me so proud to watch her grow into this independent little girl. After running our errands, we rewarded ourselves at the local bakery. A little sweet for her, a coffee for me!

Juni, of course, didn’t have a clue as to what was going on for Christmas, but she loves her new toys nonetheless. I made a big deal about this being her first Christmas because the second child can get lost in the shuffle so easily. Often, first holidays and events for the second child are not celebrated to the extent as they were for the first born. It’s totally unfair, so I try to treat every first step or new holiday for Juni like it’s a first for all of us!

What else is new?! We decided between Thanksgiving and Christmas that we need to get back to the USA for a couple weeks in the new year. I haven’t seen my brother in 2 years and the last time he saw Elin, she was only 5 months old. He is married with a kid now! Definitely the hardest thing about living overseas is the few and far between visits with certain family members. We really have to make the effort, no matter how taxing it is, to keep the family connections strong. I don’t look forward to flying with 2 littles (especially since Eric booked our flight leaving Vienna at 6am…Really? I’m dead). But I know the trip will be worth it in the end. My sister and I have been planning like crazy already! So we will be in Raleigh, NC for a few days to visit some close friends (also to break up the trip a little) and then on to ATX for 2 weeks (late Feb-early March). If you are a friend and will be in the area, please contact me via text, email, or whatever. We would love to have a meal, set up a play date, or just chill and catch up. We are really looking forward to our trip, catching up with friends and fam, and of course, bringing Juni to visit her homeland for the first time! Cheers!

I hope your final days in 2016 are wonderful and relaxing. I will see you back here in the New Year with a more consistent posting schedule! Lol! xoxo T













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