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I don’t know how I managed to scrape enough photos together today for a post, but here we are. Driving home from Czech was a dream this time. The countryside was covered in snow and all I wanted to do was stop and take pictures every 10 minutes. I didn’t get that opportunity, of course, because we needed to get back home and pick up Wyler from his dog sitter and get the kids to bed. I will kick myself for a few days still that I didn’t stop to at least get a photo of the ice skaters enjoying a day on the frozen lake. It was something out of a storybook. I managed to get some photos out of the car window and did stop once or twice, but man, there was so much mooooore! I guess you just had to be there. Or maybe it’s time to invest in the Canon G7 X and start vlogging.

We had a great weekend visiting friends in Czech and the girls had a lot of fun with our friend’s little girls. They are all so adorable playing together, we basically just sit around and talk about them the entire time. Juni turned 7 months this weekend and visited her 6th country! She is becoming quite the little traveler even though it gets difficult at this age because she needs more than just a bottle for meals and feeding her in the car is a mess. Also, finding a changing station on the road can be a challenge in some countries. I end up having to change her on the front seat or floor board with the door open at -5 degrees C. Poor child. Next month we will add the USA to her country list and she will take her first flight. Excited for her to visit the country she actually holds a passport to!










  1. Jeannie says:

    beautiful! I’ve always wanted to visit there!

  2. Kyla says:

    Beautiful!!!! 😊

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