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The next several days are going to be busy around here getting everything ready for our USA trip. (I always clean the house top-to-bottom like a maniac before trips. Arriving home to a sparkling house after an exhuasting trip is one of the best feelings in the world. A little travel tip for ya.) We leave next Wednesday on the earliest flight possible (so many eye rolls), and there is still so much to DO! Last night I realized I didn’t have a carry-on bag big enough to hold all of our in-flight necessities for both girls. (I’ve only ever flown with one child before!) Panicked, I got on Amazon and 1-day shipped a weekender travel bag for us to take. I also panic-bought a pair of spring shoes and shipped them to my mom because WHY IS IT 80 DEGREES IN TEXAS IN FEB??? Someone tell me.

Juni will be visiting her home country for the first time and for Elin it will be her third. Elin cannot stop talking about going on the “airpane waaaaay up in the sky!!!” I think she is going to really enjoy the experience of flying this time. She loves to watch the occasional cartoon and loves to eat new things (she’ll appreciate the airplane food trays I’m sure!) I am dropping by the store tomorrow to buy her a couple new books and stickers so she has something else to occupy herself during the flight once she tires of cartoons and the Planet Earth 2 series that I will store on my Kindle (another favorite).

Juni, on the other hand, is going to be a handful, I know this going in. Girlfriend is just now crawling everywhere and does not want to sit still in one place, especially on my lap where she will be strapped for 9 hours (on the longest leg of the trip). I don’t really know how it will go, but we did fly with Elin at 10 months to the states and we made it…so there’s that. Here’s the thing. I don’t feel sorry anymore for people that have to listen to babies scream on a plane and I’ll tell you why. They make this incredible device called NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES and if you aren’t flying with those (especially international), then that is legit your problem. I’m not going to hand out candy and earplugs to my seat neighbors in hopes of garnering some sympathy during the flight like many first time parents often do these days. That’s ridiculous. Anyone flying should know that there will be children and babies on-board and should prepare accordingly. Besides, I’ve got other things to worry about on our flight like figuring out how to change my squirming baby in the tin can that is an airplane restroom and also how to keep my outfit free of baby food and puke throughout the entire day (not going to happen – packing an extra shirt.) So that’s all I’ll say about that. A fun little PSA for your Friday.

Have a good one and the next time we chat, I will be in Raleigh, NC (first stop of our trip – spending a few days with some friends before heading to Austin). Follow along on IG and Snapchat if you are interested in seeing the circus that is flying with two small children. xoxo T

Flight Prep-02

{My coffee date.}

Flight Prep-03

{Spa day sunset.}

Flight Prep-04

{Snow bunnies!}

Flight Prep-05

{Skate date.}

Flight Prep-06

{One of the completed bralettes.}

Flight Prep-07

{A walk to the recycling station with these two.}

Flight Prep-08

{A recent snowfall.}

Flight Prep-09

{She loves her outfit.}

Flight Prep-10

{My everythings.}

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  1. Kyla says:

    Have a wonderful time in the USA!!!!! It’s hot here ha ha. 😁

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