Happy 1st Birthday Juni!!!

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Happy 1st Birthday Juni Pearl!!! I’m so happy to share some photos from her birthday party this past Saturday. If you follow along on IG and have been keeping up with my stories, you saw the assembly of the special bee cake I made for her and a few clips of her enjoying it! Instead of a big celebration with lots of people, we had a quiet family day to celebrate her birthday. (Exactly what we did for Elin’s first birthday!) Sun, swim, presents and cake! It was a beautiful day!

It’s crazy (and a little sad!) that we don’t have a baby in the family anymore. Juni is really close to walking and she is starting to talk more! She can say mama, dada, buck-buck (for Wyler aka Buckbeak, our dog), baba, hi (so cute!), nana (banana)… I think that is it for now! She is finally holding her own bottle and is now drinking cow’s milk instead of formula. She is also finally starting to expand her palette to enjoy more pungent flavors and spices, much to my excitement! She loves bananas and will eat 2 in one sitting, something her father used to do as a child! She enjoys music and headbangs when she is really feelin’ the beat. lol She is approx. 23 pounds now and is wearing size 18mo-2y. And either her foot is huge or Elin’s was small because she is wearing shoes that Elin wore at 18mo! I love that she is so different from Elin in a lot of ways. It makes them both special and unique from one another! She is more blond and has a darker complexion like Eric She is also more dependent than Elin ever was, which has been a challenge for me! She is the kind of child that would have had terrible sleeping habits had we not sleep trained her from the get. Thankfully, the scheduling we used with Elin also worked for Juni and consequently she is an excellent sleeper at night (11-12 hours solid) and takes good naps most days. The age that Juni is coming into is one of my very favorite ages! They are just so sweet and innocent and haven’t developed such strong opinions yet!!! Haha!

Another fun fact: Juni has visited 8 different countries in her first year of life! She was born in Vienna, Austria and has traveled to Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, The Czech Republic, and most recently the United States of America (her homeland). To be so well-traveled, but not able to remember any of it is kind of sad! Haha! Luckily, we have pictures for her to look back on someday!!!

Elin starts Kindergarten (starts a 2.5/3 here) in September and it will be special to have days during the week with just Juni at home. There have been some rare moments when we have had time one-on-one and they are so sweet! I look forward to spending some time with just her this coming year! Elin is really looking forward to school and talks about it every day! We meet with the director this Friday to get all the information about her first days. She is so ready to be with other children her age and learn new things. I am excited for this new chapter for her!

What else is new in our world? We booked a week of holiday in Crete at the end of the month and I am ecstatic! Our rental home has a pool and is in close proximity to various stunning beaches. We will also meet up with some of our good friends from the states for part of the time to tour wineries, eat amazing food, hike, and check out some special beaches. I can’t wait!!!

Also! I would like to do a 1-year postpartum update post in the next couple weeks (like I did with Elin), so be on the lookout for that or just follow along on Instagram for updates. Until then, have a great week and helloooooo beautiful summer weather! xoxo T









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