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Hi and welcome to Neonmarkt! My name is Tessa and I am an artist & graphic designer living in the state of Niederösterreich, Austria. (Just outside of Vienna.) My husband Eric, our little dog Wyler, and I moved to Austria from the United States in 2012. We loved Europe so much that we decided to stay and become permanent residents of Austria. I created Neonmarkt as a way to share the things I love and to also to document my personal life, food and travel experiences for my family and friends abroad. In August of 2014 Eric and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Elin Peridot, into the world. This past June we expanded our family to 4 with the addition of another gorgeous girl, Juni Pearl. Last year, Eric and I bought an older home in the darling little village of Klosterneuburg, so you can follow along with the renovation journey as well! Life is definitely hectic at the moment, but I am currently posting Mondays & Fridays and I hope to see you around here from time to time. Thanks for reading!



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